New York based photographer Flaviu Nasarimba has received industry recognition for his approach to product advertisement photography. His work is based on a conceptual approach to the jewelry, fashion accessory and household appliance categories.

   Flaviu also loves to photograph portraits because he believes that portraiture preserves a noble, timeless countenance. His photographic interest also includes fashion, where his vision is always focused on emphasizing the geometry of the garments. Nevertheless, Flaviu enjoys photographing special events because for him, capturing the precious moments in ones life is priceless.

  It is this very subject range that allows him to bring a sensibility to each category that is truly unlike his contemporaries. His style is to awaken the image through vetting a harmonious flow of association of shape and color.

  Flaviu worked as a freelance graphic designer for a few years prior to his move to New York City, where he began documenting every place in the large city that he found interesting and his childhood passion for photography was reignited. Soon after he applied and was accepted to the State University of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology where he began studying photography at a professional level.