Happy Holidays!


Wishing you all Happy Holidays! I hope you have a blessed end of the year!!

It was a great year, with many accomplishments, plenty of good times + fun and memorable experiences. I'm happy and grateful that my mother is well and healthy, that Dexter is being a sweetheart as always, and that my girlfriend still didn't ran away and dump my ass... yet... Hahahaha.  I am happy that I was home in September, I visited my long time friends and it was like old times, we had fun, and for a few moments we forgot that we are not children anymore...

This time of year always brings back memories of good old times, when the smell of fresh snow, stake and other traditional foods used to wake me up in the morning. It was the time when we, the children, used to go carol-singing and we used to receive gifts and money !! + Santa Claus was coming with presents!! It was the best time of the year!  I remember that I was hardly sleeping that night, because, back home in Romania, Santa Claus was coming in the nighttime and in the morning of Christmas Day, when we woke up, the presents were under the tree... But that's enough of going down on the memory lane....hahahaha




Christmas tree 100% natural. 2015 Holidays