Portrait by Sinziana Dobos

Portrait by Sinziana Dobos

        A little about myself :)

My name is Flaviu - it’s pronounced FLAH-vee-oo and no, it’s not Fabio nor Claudio :) . I grew up in Romania and moved to NYC in fall of 2006. It was a fascinating transition because I grew up in a small city in the heart of Transylvania surrounded by grassy hills and protective mountains covered in dense forests. In the night if you listen closely you can hear the wild wolves howling. Having this abundance of nature as a backyard for almost half of my life was a blessing; as kids we used to wander outside all the time. Yes, I'm fascinated by nature, wildlife, mountains and forests but New York is contouring my personality in a different way. I'm drawn to this city, it’s streets and avenues, the skyscrapers and its diverse architecture styles. I'm intrigued by the people here, the mish-mash of cultures, the diversity of customs and traditions, the hundreds of restaurants with so many different and tasteful cuisines.

There is always something new going on and that fascinates me.

I love food. My favorites are Italian, Mexican and Romanian... and chocolate (this is the best thing that was ever invented: a nice piece of sweet, delicious milk chocolate.) I also adore dogs, with their pure innocent hearts and smooshable faces just like my baby dog (the cutest poodle ever named Dexter). I can't imagine life without vacation in my hometown and good company. I also love chocolate, did I mentioned that?

I’m also fond of the medieval times, the old customs and traditions, antiques and the amazing fine art. Between us, I can binge watch movies or tv shows about kings and queens and happily ever after stories and never get bored. I must be a romantic at heart.

For some me time, I take long walks along  the East River on the Queens side at the Gantry Plaza, where the beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline and the breeze of fresh air helps me clear my head.

How my love for photography developed

I'm a professional photographer… although I can also say photography is my passion. I’m inspired by love stories, drawn by genuine smiles, lines, colorful details, textures and light. My passion for photography began at an early age when I used to spend countless hours looking though my family photos stored in a vintage wooden box with a metallic lock that I always had a hard time opening and closing. I made the leap into professional photography in New York, where fascinated by the city, I wanted to document my experiences and to immortalize those moments. It didn't take long after that and I bought my first professional cameraWith it, I created my entry portfolio for Fashion Institute of Technology, where I studied photography and graduated in 2014 with a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging.

In 2010 I started my practice as a professional photographer and quickly gained traction in the product photography market (clients included Foot Locker, The Container Store, Skidders, Plomo Shoes, Fashion Group International to make a few.) But close to my heart remains photographing events (Seventeen Magazine, FOCOS, Urban Green Walk, EndAbuse4Good, FIT, DataKind, etc.)  and especially weddings - the happiness and the raw organic love and passion dressed in a coat of emotional feelings - this is what I‘m looking to capture and document on a wedding day. Capturing your love story before and after “I do” is what I strive for. It's what makes me happy.

 I am committed to my clients and I only book one wedding per day to give 100% of my attention through personal interaction and my clean, colorful and timeless portraiture style that will embrace every image specifically made with you in mind.

I'm available for photography in the New York Area and beyond. You can reserve your session or event here. 


A list of colaborators that I have worked with during the years.

Lauren Arbulu Hair


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